Baby’s First Text Message

by Dr. von Gruenigen on April 14, 2011 · 0 comments

in Pregnancy & Childbirth

If there’s a pregnant lady in your life, get ready to email her this one.

This week Summa launched a free educational text messaging program for moms-to-be. The service delivers weekly health-related messages based on a woman’s due date and stage of pregnancy. (Imagine: “At week 25, your baby is now the size of an eggplant.” Or in Italian, the size of a melanzana, which my relatives frequently cook with.)

Here’s me with my husband during my second pregnancy. My baby girl was the size of a cantaloupe in this picture!

The texts span numerous topics including the woman’s health and well-being, baby development and how to plan for delivery and motherhood. When morning sickness is likely based on your stage of pregnancy, you get tips on coping. When it’s likely that your baby bump is causing some discomfort, there are strategies for restful sleep. And yes, ladies, there are even tips on how keep your love life going safely.

Our goal is to help women understand more about the normal changes they are experiencing and what to expect along the way. Pregnancy is one of the most exciting things a woman goes through in her adult life, but it can be scary some days, and our hope is that women will feel reassured about their progress or alerted when something does not seem normal.

Women can access additional information on any of the topics by clicking through the message. They can even email the additional content to a friend.

To sign up for the service, text SUMMABIRTH to 53016, and follow the instructions provided. There’s also a prize involved. Women who sign up by Mother’s Day, May 8, 2011, will be entered to win a 32 GB iPhone 4 valued at $745.

The texts go out every Tuesday, so if you sign up today, it will be a few days before your first message.

Dr. Viv

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