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Me, in my office at Summa Health System

Greetings and welcome to Flourish, a Women’s Health Blog from Summa Health System!

Who is Summa, you may ask? Well, we are a 7 hospital system in Northeastern Ohio. We offer the best in healthcare to our communities and our women’s health services provide assistance to women along their entire healthcare journey, including obstetrical and gynecological services as well as subspecialty services – essentially, everything from birth to the end of life. Women’s health requires integration and coordination from caregivers across multiple medical specialties. Some examples of the care we provide are obstetrics, minimally invasive surgery (through the belly button!), robotic-assisted surgery, urogynecology, infertility, sexual health, pelvic pain, heart health, osteoporosis prevention, and palliative care.

Our largest hospital is Summa Akron City. We have 3 labor and delivery units including Summa Akron City, Summa Barberton, and Robinson Memorial Hospital. We do more deliveries in our system than anyone else in our region. This means we are good at what we do!

And who am I? I am Dr. Vivian von Gruenigen and I am the Chair of Obstetrics and Gynecology, a practicing Gynecologic Oncologist and Medical Director of Women’s Services for the Summa Health System. Most importantly, I am a wife and mother.

I’ve been in this job long enough to know that I do not practice medicine alone, nor do I administrate alone. Therefore, for this new job as blogger, I have invited a work girlfriend to join me in this task. Dr. Lara Burrows is on the faculty here at Summa Akron City Hospital and runs our Center for Sexual Health. Like myself, she is board-certified in Obstetrics and Gynecology, and fellowship trained. Trust me, she is going to be educational and entertaining. In addition, we will have guest writers from time to time.

As women, we go through countless experiences throughout our lives – from raising children to trying to stay in shape to fighting cancer and dealing with the loss of loved ones. We created this blog to not only provide you with valuable health and wellness information from us as experts but to create a forum for you to share your stories and for all of us to learn from each others’ experiences.

So, you will be hearing from us at least weekly as we post educational tidbits for women. We will also share with you tidbits from our lives and some fun pictures.

Looking forward to the journey!

Dr. Viv

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